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4-methyl-1-phenyl-2- (pyrrolidin-1-yl) pentan-1-one
Molecular formula: C16H23NO
CAS: N / A

Part reagent is in the form of a white powder gentle characterized purity of 99.40%. This product is intended solely for research and scientific LABORATORY. Physiological and toxicological properties of this reagent are not known.

The product is absolutely not suitable for human consumption and may have undesirable effects on health and life.

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230,04 Kč

Product From (qty) Price
A-PIHP 3 207,04 Kč
A-PIHP 5 177,13 Kč
A-PIHP 10 151,83 Kč
A-PIHP 25 142,62 Kč
A-PIHP 50 128,82 Kč
A-PIHP 100 117,32 Kč
A-PIHP 250 110,42 Kč
A-PIHP 500 105,82 Kč
A-PIHP 1000 94,32 Kč

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